Please note that all in-person touring is currently on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to performances, KDT’s tour programming includes community outreach options in the form of master classes, lectures/demonstrations, and workshops in dance or folk art. All programs may be personalized to suit participants’ needs. Our repertory is as follows:

Kathak Yatra – The Journey of Kathak Dance

Run time: 75-90 minutes
The critically acclaimed Kathak Yatra follows Kathak’s evolution through time, beginning with its inception in Hindu temples, through its evolution as a form of entertainment for kings and emperors, and culminating in its contemporary multicultural incarnations. It explores Kathak’s duality as both classic and modern.

Ritu - The Seasons

Run time: 75-90 minutes
Ritu is a vivid portrayal of the Indian seasonal cycle, which both expands and subverts American expectations. Based on the lyrical poem “Ritusamhara” by the great Sanskrit poet Kalidasa, Ritu depicts the six Indian seasons within beautiful and intricate Kathak movement, celebrating nature’s beauty through Kathatk’s grace and subtlety.

Shaamya - Of Equality

Run time: 75-90 minutes
Drawing from poetry by famed writer and activist Kazi Nazrul Islam, Of Equality attempts to convey Nazrul Islam’s message of countering oppression with peace, justice and equality. In portraying his work through a mixture of classical Indian dance choreographed by Rita Mustaphi, original cross-cultural music composed and performed live by J.D. Steele, and live poetry by artist Ifrah Mansour, Of Equality is in keeping with KDT’s mission to bridge cultural and artistic boundaries and expand Kathak’s historical conventions.

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