Ghungru are ankle bells worn by Kathak dancers. They serve a functional purpose by adding more sound dimension to Kathak’s rhythmic footwork, but they are also decorative. They should be balanced to the height of each dancer, meaning that dancers of different heights and age groups may wear different numbers of ankle bells. Ghungru are bound on white cotton rope and in order to achieve the optimum sound quality, they should be loosely bound.

Ghungru may be purchased in India or online. KDT recommends purchasing ghungru here, or from our own online store.

Make sure the ghungru are strung on a rope and intended for Kathak dance. Depending on your height, purchase either:

1)  Set of 25 bells for each foot, total of 50 bells

2)  Set of 50 bells for each foot, total of 100 bells 

3)  Set of 100 bells on each foot, total of 200 bells