Our Mission

Katha Dance Theatre creates, performs and educates through the art forms of dance, music, poetry and storytelling. Rooted in Kathak, the classical dance style of North India, KDT is dedicated to making dance accessible, inclusive and relevant. It enhances the local community by bridging diverse cultures and audiences to contribute to life’s infinite artistic expressions.

Using a mixture of performance, education, and outreach initiatives, KDT works to integrate the Kathak tradition into American culture. KDT’s company not only debuts new dance works each year, but also tours throughout the Midwest, nationally, and internationally to increase Kathak’s presence worldwide. It is the only Kathak company based in Minnesota, and one of few of its kind in the U.S. Through Kathak classes as part of KDT’s school and outreach programs, the company also increases access to this unique artistic tradition for people who may not normally have access to it, or to dance in general. These programs adhere to KDT’s overarching belief that dance has the power to change lives through enhancing one’s body and mind.

KDT seeks to accommodate individuals with accessibility needs through an ADA Plan. Contact the office to explain the nature of your needs and inquire about accommodations.